Out of the Blue book coverRoyal Flush: The Queen's Plan

The Queen of England, unpopular at home and in danger of losing the monarchy, schemes with the prince and prime minister to (re)establish the monarchy in America and take back the American colonies—without anyone noticing.

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Story Origin

The original concept was to write a quirky satire about American and British political figures, society, and politics. The idea itself grew out of the great comedy that is British (particularly aristocratic) prissiness, especially when contrasted to a modern public keen on establishing a chumminess with their royals and closing the gap between royal and common. American willingness to focus on good-ol-boy, shiny-toothed facade over substance provided fertile material to further contrast with the Brits.

During the writing process, the story grew a bit less quirky and the dominate conceit became the relationship between two powerful figures: The queen and the prime minister, in this case Queen Lillian and Prime Minister Kent.

The current version is the lengthier screen novella. Royal Flush is more complex than the typical screen novella, so a second read will definitely make the nuances pop.

As always, I strive to write characters, relationships, dialogue, situations, and scenes that readers haven’t become acquainted with in some other novel or movie. If readers are surprised by unique and surprising stories that also entertain, then I feel I’ve succeeded.