Coming Soon


Out of the Blue and Royal Flush are two of several completed screenplays.

Many of my stories involve the concept of the shadow personality hidden to society or self. These elements are dominant in Out of the Blue, Red Rage and Ascent to Darkness. The latter is being converted to a screen novella and will be released sometime in 2018. Also in the works is a novel that's been long in the writing.

Nonfiction (projected 2018 release)

It's been a lifelong hobby to analyze how people think. This has proven handy as a writer. But figuring out what motivates someone—deep, deep down—to choose a particular point of view and what benefits they see in it is another matter. A concept came to mind, which has been tested over several years to see if it can predict behavior: It often can. I wrote down the main concepts and intended to place it online, but it kept growing because it became clear that the various personality types also appear in groups, larger social patterns, government, and religion. The book is now too lengthy for consumption. When it's whittled to its essence and under 150 pages, it will be ready to publish. I hope it helps shed light on what motivates people to envelop the dark or the light—or somewhere in between.